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Dec. 16th, 2008 | 09:28 am
mood: busy

So, for me, having zombie dreams is nothing new. I tend to have them with some sort of frequency, and it never really disturbs me. Last night's was funny though, mostly because it was rubbing in my face not having a boyfriend.

It started where I was trying to hunt down this guy who had killed some of my friends. I was finally down to my significant other, and he went to do this experiment thing, at which point I told him I couldn't lose him, I just couldn't. So I ended up shoving him out of the way and doing the experiment for him, thus putting myself directly into harm's way. I was sucked into another dimension, and thus, another dream.

This next dream took place where the zombie apocalypse was starting. I was at a home, not unlike mine, with some random folks when it hit. I told them what to do, and how to get past the zombies, ending up eventually on the roof of the house where we were safe. The supplies we had were weird, like poinsetta plants, fake plants, and random stuffing. I was convincing everyone we were safe, and protecting people.

Somehow, the time-frame shifted, and the apocalypse was in full-force, and had been going on for a while. I was at my house, but it was... different. Bigger, more locks, heavier doors, more fortified. I was living with a group of people, my parents among them. Everyone kept forgetting to lock the door though, which consistently bothered me, because random zombies were still occasionally wandering the streets. But I was locking the doors and such. Then it was winter, and these guys pulled up, and I brought out my katana, because I'd been using it for protection. They commended me for it, although it was suddenly shorter. The dream itself was weird, and I was never once killed, which makes it odder, because usually I die in a crazy-ass scene. But regardless, it was cool, and I woke up feeling ready for a zombie invasion xD Haha.

So here's to hoping my day goes well, working at the body shop. Tomorrow is my combo, then thursday is just Walden, then fri/sat is my combo again. I'll be so happy when the holidays are over, or when I can quit Walden. Now, just to finish filling out my Peace Corps. application, and get my recommendations in order. Oy oy oy.

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